Weights are determined at equipment pickup and weigh-in.  Fractions of a pound will be ignored.  These limits are subject to change prior to weigh-in per approval by the EPFA board, with an intent to stay in line with the standards set forth by the Southwest Metro League within which the EPFA operates.


Ball Carrying Players (no stripes):  Players within these weight limits will be called “Ball Carrying Players”.  Ball Carrying Players can line up in an offensive position to carry or receive the football (running backs, quarterbacks, flankers and ends).  They can also play ANY position on defense.


Grade               Weight

3                      <= 75 lbs

4                      <= 90 lbs

5                      <= 100 lbs

6                      <= 120 lbs

7                      <= 140 lbs

8                      <= 155 lbs



Designated Players (single stripe):  Players within these weight limits will be called “Designated Players”.  In addition to playing Restricted Player positions, Designated Players may line up as a Tight End or as a Defensive End (all grades) or Linebacker (5th thru 8th grades).  As a Tight End, a Designated Player CANNOT split out wide at any time and must be no more than one yard from the nearest Tackle.  A Designated Player can be used as a kicker or punter and is subject to the same limitations as a Restricted Player in this position.  They cannot return a punt at any time during the game.  If they catch a short punt, the ball is dead at that spot.  However, a Designated Player playing on defense may advance a fumble or interception, and may advance an onside kick.


Grade               Weight

3                      >= 76 lbs

4                      >= 91 lbs

5                      >= 101 lbs

6                      >= 121 lbs

7                      >= 141 lbs

8                      >= 156 lbs