Financial Aid / Scholarships

The Eden Prairie Football Association (EPFA) strives to find a way to make playing youth football accessible for all of our Eden Prairie youth entering grades 3 through 8.  As good stewards of the funds provided by the EPFA families, we attempt to find that balance between full accessibility and financial realities.  We continue to reach out to families that need assistance to make this wonderful participation a reality for their children interested in the sport of football, and in the comeraderie and sportsmanship of our program.  It is our hope that no child is turned away for financial need reasons.

We do ask all families involved in the EPFA to share a bond with the program, both financially and as a fan of their child.  Doing so allows even more children to be a part of our football family.  Note that families that have not honored their scholarship or player attendance agreements, or have not paid their shared balances due from previous years may not be eligible for scholarships in the current year.

The registration cost of our program is still one of the lowest in the entire area, especially considering that the EPFA supplies virtually all of the equipment, and the player even gets to keep his/her jersey at the end of the season!  And yet, this registration cost is sometimes out of the reach of some families.  If you would like to be considered for financial assistance (aka scholarship) as a part of the registration process, please complete and submit the Scholarship Application,
 2020 Fall Football EPFA Scholarship Form (Fall tackle season scholarships). NOTE: Please register first, then fill out the scholarship form second.

If you would like to assist other families by contributing to our scholarship fund, please visit our Donation registration towards the top of our Register Online website page.

Either way, we are all in this together. If you have any questions please contact Krystal Queen:  


NOTE:  The scholarships offered here are only for the EPFA Spring and Fall Football/Flag/77 programs, not for any of the Mike Grant or Strength/Conditioning Camps.  This website is only used as an assistance for registering for those programs, not for processing scholarship requests for those programs.  To request scholarships for those programs, use the following contact information:

Mike Grant Summer Camps:  Mike Grant, , 952-975-8101
Speed/Agility/Strength Programs:  Blake Freese,