EPFA Fall Season Refund Policy


Fall season refund requests will be provided according to the following schedule:

o       Prior to season grade player draft/selection (which typically takes place shortly after the evaluations), or if equipment has not been picked up – Full refund

o       After season grade draft/selection but prior to the 2nd regular season game50% refund


Note:  All refunds will have a $10 administration fee per cancelled registration subtracted from the paid amount, regardless of any applied scholarships/awards.  This is primarily based upon the estimated historically 3%  fee charged by the bank, for each the original registration and the refund transaction.  Those having paid by check will also be charged this same administration fee, otherwise we will find ourselves doing more checks and more research to reconcile.

If, by refunding a given player's registration fee, the family's number of players is then reduced to 1 (one), then the previously applied multi-player discount (if applicable) for that family's players will also be subtracted from the refund.


Equipment must be returned in full and good condition prior to refund being issued.  If it is not, the EPFA reserves the right to follow through on the agreement signed by the family on the registration form regarding assessing the appropriate fees, and reserving the right to deny future EPFA registrations by that player’s family.


If a player is removed from the program by the EPFA board and/or its representatives due to behavior, rules infringement or other reasons, the same refund policy will apply according to the schedule above.

The EPFA Board reserves the right to change this policy at any time, or to adjust according to the needs of the EPFA.  Issues of clarity or exception will be decided by the EPFA Executive Committee.

To request a refund or more information, please contact us at .